We are doing business with full service of water management including waste water treatment for recovering the balance of water life ...
We started studying the alternative energy project, Solar in order to expand to all type of alternative energy such as wind energy ...
We walk together with
consciousness and environmental
awareness ...
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Analyst Contact
Company Asia Plus Securities
Name Chawantorn Srisomburananont
Email gift.srisomburananont@asp-intl.com
Company Asia Plus Securities
Name Natwarin Tripobsakul
Email natwarin@asiaplus.co.th
Company Ayudhya Securities
Name Adisak Phupiphathirungul
Email adisak@ays.co.th
Company Bualuang Securities
Name Thanatthep Chantarakarn
Email thanatthep.c@bualuang.co.th
Company Capital Nomura Securities (Thailand)
Name Patcharin Karsemarnuntana
Email patcharin.karsemarnuntana@th.nomura.com
Company CIMB Securities (Thailand)
Name Kasem Prunratanamala
Email kasem.prunratanamala@cimb.com
Company CIMB Securities (Thailand)
Name Methee Ramphasakul
Email methee.ra@cimb.com
Company Country Group Securities
Name Andrew Jobson
Email andrewjo@sec.countrygroup.co.th
Company Credit Suisse Securities (Thailand)
Name Thaniya Kevalee
Email thaniya.kevalee@credit-suisse.com
Company DBS Vickers Securities
Name Arpaporn
Email arparporns@th.dbsvickers.com
Company Globlex Securities
Name Artit Jansawang
Email artit@globlex.co.th
Company IV Global
Name Somprasong Saechiw
Email somprasongs@ivglobal.co.th
Company JPMorgan Securities (Thailand)
Name Sukit Chawalitakul
Email chawalitakul.sukit@jpmorgan.com
Company Kasikorn Securities
Name Sorapong Jakteerungkul
Email sorapong@kasikornsecurities.com
Company Kiatnakin Securities
Name Wichuda Plangmanee
Email wichuda_p@kks.co.th
Company Kim Eng Securities
Name Kanchan Khanijou
Email kanchan@kimeng.co.th
Company KT ZMICO Securities
Name Terapatr Mathanukraw
Email terapatrm@ktzmico.com
Company Macquarie Securities
Name Apichet Kiatworakun
Email apichet.kiatworakun@macquarie.com
Company Macquarie Securities
Name Chak Reungsinpinya
Email chak.reungsinpinya@macquarie.com
Company Merchant Partners Securities
Name Alis Ruengkul
Email alis@merchant.co.th
Company Nomura International (Hong Kong)
Name Daniel Raats
Email daniel.raats@nomura.com
Company Phatra Securities
Name Sirichai Chalokepunrat
Email sirichai@phatrasecurities.com
Company Phillips Securities
Name Siam Tiyanont
Email siam@phillip.co.th
Company Siam City Securities
Name Jaroonpan Wattannawong
Email jaroonpanw@scis.co.th
Company Thanachart Securities
Name Saksid Phadthananarak
Email saksid.pha@thanachartsec.co.th
Company TISCO Securities
Name Jitima Ratanatam
Email jitima@tisco.co.th
Company Trinity Securities
Name Adisak Prombun
Email adisak@trinitythai.com
Company UBS Securities (Thailand)
Name Athaporn Arayasantiparb
Email athaporn.arayasantiparb@ubs.co.th
Company United Securities
Name Mukda Hommaung
Email mukdaho@unitedsec.com
Company UOB KayHian Securities (Thailand)
Name Kowit Pongwinyoo
Email kowit@uobkayhian.co.th